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4 Realistic Sites for Beginners to Get Paid to Write Articles

by deepika

Annnnd I love doing people’s hair and makeup. It’s a creative outlet for me, and I love helping people. If I can teach a woman something that makes her feel better about herself… that’s what it’s all about. Betty – Wonderful book that I wouldn’t recommend to anybody because Jeez Louise, CONTENT WARNINGS Y’ALL. Just about any kind of abuse you can think of, it’s in here, and graphic too. I actually had to take an entire day off from reading it because it was too disturbing to continue without a break. I already have the next 2 books in the series on my Kindle, because darn you 99p deals, and I am interested enough to read them at some point, I’ll just need to adjust expectations first.

The Byrdie editorial team has one goal—to help you live your most beautiful life. You can always count on us to deliver industry news with depth, de-bunk the latest wellness fads, and keep the beauty dialogue open and engaging. Popsugar Voices cover personal narratives with a unique twist. They look for articles including the intersection of travel and fitness, self improvement and life advice. Well+Good demystifies what it means to live a good life inside and out. They look at how traditional topics like mental health, lifestyle and travel intersect with self-care, empowerment and growth.

However, I’ve always had an interest in freelance writing. I love a lot of publications and working for myself, making the option ideal in those ways. Throughout my pitching and freelance endeavors — the failures and the successes — I’ve been thankful that Medium’s Partner Program has helped keep me afloat. The “Heartbreaker Bay” series wasn’t my favorite – too many muffins, and the whole storyline with the homeless guy just struck me as not funny and completely not realistic. I haven’t read the Wildstone books but I really liked her “Animal Magnetism” series. There are still a lot of pastries, but somehow it didn’t annoy me like the muffins annoyed me in the Heartbreaker Bay series.


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Once you’re a contributor, your Voices platform will change slightly. You will now have new pages within the portal including assignments, payments and reference. Assignments is where you will track the articles you are working on and communicate with your editor.

It has been so busy this week but I squeezed in a lot of reading on my commute and managed to finish two books. Training Camp – my book on my tbr with prettiest cover. This thing is so extra, I got it in part because it was so pretty, and because the lady behind the desk was so enthusiastic.

SELF’s categories are health, fitness, food, beauty, love, and lifestyle. The editors are looking for stories pertaining to personal or public health and wellness. For more information and examples, see the article on pitching.

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