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5 Apps To Start And Run A Blog Entirely From Your Phone

by deepika

Google Analytics is an essential tool that allows you to glean insights into your reader’s habits and activity while on your site. There is some backend configuration that must be done on your blog before Analytics will function, however, both WordPress and Blogger make it very easy to set up. Engaging with your readers on the various relevant social networks is an essential way to maintain and further build your readership. That said, between Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Polyvore, LinkedIn and more, it can be difficult to stay active and post regularly. Grammarly’s desktop applications for Mac and Windows allow you to write what you mean, without distraction. You can either view helpful writing suggestions on everything from punctuation to tone, or you can hide them and keep typing your draft.

What makes your app most distinctive is a vital question that should be answered in your app description. Why would a user even use your app when there are thousands of other similar apps on the market? Fortunately, as an industry expert, AppsGeyser has brought some proven ways that will help you achieve the heights of success in the app business. We have analyzed, researched, and even tested various elements to provide you an easy to understand ways to write a perfect Android application description. There could be thousands of similar apps on the Play Store, and how your app will stand out from the crowd is what you should focus on. A comprehensive and engaging app description attracts more users and grabs the audience, which ultimately helps you brand your business and generate revenue.


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Jotterpad is a WYSIWYG Markdown and Fountain editor that aids with planning, writing, formatting and publishing your work, ridding you of the hassles and fuss of traditional word processors. As stated earlier in this article, there are billions of Android devices with different software and hardware specifications. One of the declarations you make in the Manifest file is device specifications. You describe software and hardware features your application requires for it to install and run successfully.

You might notice that you can also install material for older versions of Android. If you want, go nuts, but it will increase your download time and take up hard drive space. Next, click on “Install packages” in the lower-right hand side of the screen. A great Android application description is not, which just states what your app is about but a concise piece of mastery itself. It determines if your app is going to be successful or not. Since your app idea is a special and unique one, your app description should also be engaging, concise, and self-describing.

If it’s a compelling and attractive one that fits the user needs, he/she will surely download and use it. It is an app for serious writers with its features such as a split-screen to work on two documents on one. It is said to offer a smooth writing experience and even better features when you buy the paid version. First of all you get to mention your app/game so you will receive exposure . As an app developer you are allowed a short bio that includes a link to your most important app/game . If you’re not an app developer, we can have in the bio a link to your domain and/or one social profile.

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