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by deepika

The field observations are carried out in the forest border areas in Sadivayal elephant camp. The hardware setup was arranged to capture the image of elephants. The wi-fi camera was mounted on a wood stick and the camera was battery powered with 12 V. Using RF receiver, the video received is converted to image frames utilizing camcorder software foundry 100m capital monogram capital in PC. The elephant picture frames are stored in the PC memory and up to date each 5 seconds. Figure four reveals the net EIDS window by which 12 elephant photographs are retrieved in 6.33 seconds. The elephant photographs are organized within the order of similarity worth obtained.

Hence, there was severe man-elephant battle. The battle has been on the rise within the forest border areas with herds of wild pachyderms straying into human habitation . The surveillance and tracking of these herds are troublesome because of their size and nature of movement. The time to recover from the hazard is negligible; therefore, the loss due to destruction in the farms is extra. The elephants are additionally topic to assault by people leading to hazard to the lifetime of elephants. According to the authors in , poaching for ivory had indeed become a threat with 100–150 tuskers being misplaced annually to unlawful killings.

The elephant comes out of the forest through sure pockets to enter into human residing areas for getting food and water. The cameras mounted on towers or trees capture the image of the intruding elephant which is distributed to the base station utilizing RF community. The received picture is processed in a PC at the base station and is compared with the saved database image of elephants.

The snapshot from the video is taken each 5 seconds and in contrast with the database picture. This image is also up to date in database and added. On an image match, an SMS is shipped to the forest officials through the GSM transceiver connected with the PC. The hardware setup consists of wireless camera, PIR sensor with signal control module, Atmega microcontroller, GSM module, and the ability supply.

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On zero search outcome, no alert is made; hence, GSM message isn’t sent. In our earlier work , seismic geophones used as sensors are buried under the ground to detect the movements of elephants in forest border areas. In such intrusion detection systems, there is a risk of insufficient vibrations sensed by the geophones as a consequence of weather circumstances like rain and soil moisture. Due to this, it could miss the event, that’s, elephant movement. An image processing primarily based method is developed as a solution to the above stated problem to identify an intruding elephant in human residing areas.

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