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by deepika

This e-book describes how to use video and images effectively. Consider ending your article with questions such as ‘What are your thoughts? Please only submit your own work, the article has to be original, not copied and pasted from another blog even if it is written by you. We only accept submissions from a registered user on our website and it must be in word document format.

So, here are a few guest post guidelines that anyone writing an article for Ezyschooling has to follow in order to make sure that we are putting out the best for our readers. Websitecatering to thousands of readers Worldwide. We do not publish articles on topics that we have previously covered. Fill out the form to submit at least 3-4 topic ideas for our content editor to consider.

To give exposure to your writings, you can connect to an all-rounder platform. We will share all the details about Rationalinsurgent ahead. This research on Education Write For Us Guest Post will enlighten our readers who have writing talent and want to get their work noticed by the global audience.

We use reader data to auto-curate the articles, meaning that the most valuable resources move to the top. Gyaanarth is a guest posting website for education blogs/guest posting site website for education article that assists students to grab more data related to education. Mages can illustrate complex ideas in a quick and engaging way. Similarly, videos combine visual and audio elements to deliver a multisensory learning experience. Including a mix of media can help your learner to engage with the e-learning content, but only if it is relevant.

Aimee Bosse brings us three that are more about word usage than just spelling. These pairs of words are easily confused, so a memory aid is the best way to keep them straight, short of looking them up every time you use them. Torturous versus tortuous –think of the extra R in torturous for R eally painful. Submit your article along with a short bio, a photo of yourself and your personal website for your contributor’s blurb.


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I share these links periodically here on my blog. This post includes links on writing branching scenarios, free tools, content curation, xAPI, and getting started in Storyline. As I read online, I bookmark resources I find interesting and useful. Because of the volume of submissions we receive, we have to say no to a lot of pitches, including many good ones.

Our readers will notice you as a guest author on our blog. Point of emphasis – we would not accept culled articles or articles you’ve submitted elsewhere; all articles must be written for Edusportal. We will ONLY publish articles submitted by Writers who are willing to pay for sponsored post. Section is just the right place to use your writing as a tool to showcase your knowledge while helping others out.

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