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How To Write For BuzzFeed: A Freelancer’s Guide

by deepika

We welcome all pitches about the world of TV, movies, music, and celebrity. BuzzFeed GoodfulSelf care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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However, those posts do not get linked to, circulated, or otherwise exposed to the rest of Buzzfeed. They won’t appear on the front page, they won’t show up in the site’s social media, and they generally just languish with the rest of the user generated content. Everyday Feminismpays $75 an article, but they’re not always accepting unsolicited submissions.

It’s usually only worth changing content like this if it isn’t performing very well or is stuck on pages 2 or 3. If your click-through rate is low on Google, it may be that your title isn’t very attractive and would benefit from an edit. Our blend looks something closer to 80-90% evergreen and 10-20% linkbait with 0% social. I will say, however, that I slightly cheated with this section. Several of these headlines are in fact Buzzfeed News headlines, not just Buzzfeed headlines. Here’s the thing, though; you probably can’t tell which ones.

Quiz tutorials, list building, case studies, and everything else to grow your business with a quiz. ROL is a magazine dedicated to living naturally in the modern world. Features are focused on gardening, cooking, travel, and news.

Their writers must be really witty to think about those kinds of headlines. Now I’m wondering what will work best for my blogs. Buzzfeed articles are specifically designed to be shareable on social media or with friends. Finally, there’s one element to Buzzfeed that I haven’t mentioned yet, and that’s testing. Buzzfeed relentlessly split-tests and time-tests their headlines. In the middle of writing this post, the page refreshed, and a good third of the headlines I’ve posted above changed.

Most of the LGBTQ sites I write for want identity pieces that discuss the untold stories of what it’s like to be gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, genderqueer, sexually fluid, polyamorous, etc. They’re looking to share the stories of queer men/women/genderqueer folks, and want pieces that discuss how queer life is influenced by the modern political and cultural climate. The biggest takeaway from our research on Buzzfeed quizzes is that a successful quiz focuses on the person taking it. The title, the questions, the opt-in form, and the results are all aimed to give the quiz taker the most optimal experience. For the play type quiz, we got the result “Director” which means you like to direct your playtime with others and lay it all out so everyone can participate and have fun. They give a great description and then offer more information with the click of a button.

Sections for which we are currently accepting pitches are listed below. Before pitching, please take a look at the articles at the relevant links for each section to get a sense of the topics we’ve covered in the past. Take assignments from the editor on a wide range of topics including music, tv, film, fashion, beauty, sports, etc. and turn around quickly. Must have experience sourcing, pitching, and writing about timely stories. In October 2010, Dunn created 100interviews.com, a Tumblr blog in which they intended to publish transcripts of 100 interviews, given over the course of a single year, with a variety of different people. Interview subjects included a transgender person, a rocket scientist, an Abraham Lincoln expert, and Stephen Colbert.

In order to create a post, you need to register for the Buzzfeed Community. There’s one other potential way to get your link or content to appear on Buzzfeed News, and that’s through submitting a tip. Buzzfeed has an anonymous tip system, where you can alert their journalists to something they might be interested in. It’s a 9,000-word piece with diagrams, fact checking, links to sources, and a lot of detailed analysis.

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