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How to Write Love

by deepika

Use your own voice to express how you feel. Don’t imitate the way someone else writes or speaks. You want this message to be uniquely yours and to reach your partner the way only you can. It must be sincere and reflect the real you on paper. Rewire is a nonprofit publication that delivers thought-provoking content that inspires young adults to make their lives better.

One of the essential elements we’re looking for more than anything else in your article is the essence of insight. But to truly express the idea and analyze it takes deep insight. We see ourselves as a website that can help change the world for the better, when it comes to relationships and fulfilling lives. And love, as simple as it seems, can still be a tricky expanse for many of us. After all, love evolves constantly, and the only element that holds it back is our conscience and the society around us. Iona Yeung is a dating and relationship coach who works with single women to identify their roadblocks in dating, attract the good guys, and communicate from a space of love and clarity.

It is bound to be read over and over again, so be okay with some phrases from this time in your life that you put in the letter being quoted to you later. A good way to keep your letter positive is to talk about how you feel right now. Yes, you want to go over those special stories about how you fell in love but you also want to be sure your partner knows that you still feel strongly for them or even more so.


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But first, over a dozen ideas that’ll help you strike the perfect cord between cute and meaningful. If you’re feeling stuck, find inspiration. Look for examples of love letters that say things similar to what you want to say. Look at the great poets and writers and find inspiration in their words. You can even quote them if it feels appropriate.

Help couples to improve the way they look at the role love plays in their lives through true and insightful stories. Frame love and its benefits in a positive and uplifting light to our readers. Love helps individuals convey adoration, affection, and respect to a partner.

Alternatively, you can write someone a love letter simply with the intention of making them feel loved, without making it about trying to start a relationship with them. “Allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your heart,” she recommends. “Many times, we are scared to truly share ourselves out of fear of rejection or misunderstanding, but writing a love letter creates a genuine opportunity to connect with one another.” We will reply to your submission as soon as possible. Please don’t be upset if one of your articles is declined though, just keep writing and submitting.

This will give you the chance to push beyond what you say every day, says Chace. Writing a rough draft on your phone’s notepad or on a scrap of paper can really help you formulate your thoughts, too. Today seemed like as good a day as any to tell you how grateful I am to share my life with you. You know I love you every day, but today I felt like putting it in writing. I’m looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day together. The holiday reminds me how special our bond is.

“You and I say, ‘I love you’ a lot, and that is the forest, the love we have for each other,’” he told her. “This month refocused us on the nice trees that make up the forest.” When you focus on your own trees, you show the other person exactly how much they mean. If you want to do something memorable, it’s worth getting a nice card or special stationery. When you take the time to select the right card, it shows how much effort you put into the love letter, says Chace. Finally, a love letter allows your partner to see themselves through your eyes, which is, in itself, a gift. Thompson suggests thinking about the five love languages as you write—aka touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, and quality time.

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