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by deepika

You can even share how-to guides for peers and future employees on becoming a realtor or a broker. A blog is a great way to encourage customers to use your website even when they are not making a purchase. A blog can establish your company as a reliable source of information. Blogs are also great for SEO purposes, improving your page ranking and increasing organic website traffic. We will always need homes and buildings to support our livelihoods.

Most importantly, we do not accept gambling, drugs, CBD, inappropiate content, betting, hacking niches under any circumstances. Below are the contributor guidelines that you need to follow to submit a successful blog post. You need to send your post with quality images with sources.

You should choose a topic that is universal in nature and has a mass audience. Substantiating your view with statistics and examples would definitely be advantageous. Use keywords, headings, and subheadings to make the article SEO friendly. Your content should be unique and must not have been published anywhere else. If you add more links, they will be tagged as no-follow and should be linked to a resource page.

Digital marketing is taking over the commercial real estate space, offline advertising is still effective when used in tandem with the former. Apart from sharing useful listings with your prospects, you can also send company newsletters with your take on commercial real estate news and trends to build a connection with your prospects and improve response rates. Since users turn to search engines to find commercial properties and realtors, optimizing your website will help you build credibility and find the right prospects by becoming a part of their online research process. Doing this will help you access the list of the best blogs in the Real Estate niche that accept guest posts.


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Articles should be written in the first person singular form while expressing an opinion. Pieces using plural form should be written only while referring to concrete shared knowledge. Guest writers should be friendly while keeping their language plain and approachable. The tone should be authoritative yet informal and positive making the reading easy for our readers. Real estate terms should be written in such a manner so that readers new to this world understand everything. These pictures match the association of “commercial and real estate”.

Spend hours researching your niche and reading from the best minds to enhance your knowledge. Tenement is a type of building shared by multiple dwellings, typically with flats or apartments on each floor and with shared entrance stairway access found in Britain. Condominium – A building or complex, similar to apartments, owned by individuals. Common grounds and common areas within the complex are owned and shared jointly. In North America, there are townhouse or rowhouse style condominiums as well.

100% original content is required for all article submissions. It should not yet be published on other blogs or editorials. If your article is reposted elsewhere, it will be promptly removed from our blog. All contributions will be reviewed for copyright violations. Storytelling – tell readers what it’s like living in the home.

Most research maintains that the property market remains healthy overall. Morgan, in its 2019 Commercial Real Estate Outlook, largely echoed this view, commenting that 2019 was the 10th year of increases in commercial property rents and valuations. There are four primary types of commercial property leases, each requiring different levels of responsibility from the landlord and the tenant. A study conducted by real estate market analyst firm CBRE Group found that the term—i.e., length—of a lease was proportional to the size of the space being leased. Commercial real estate differs from residential real estate because it has the potential to generate profit for the property owner through capital gain or rental income.

Our client is offering a dynamic investment opportunity located in the heart of the city. The property boasts ample natural light through a façade. The commercial real estate unit consists of several rooms and a kitchenette, which could be used as an office or dining area.

Commercial real estate provides rental income as well as the potential for some capital appreciation for investors. We ensure the quality and accuracy of every campaign and piece we craft. From the beginning of the process, we gather information to understand your needs and expectations.

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