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Set Up Your Blog in Five Steps

by deepika

Another one of the best free WordPress plugins is WordPress Importer. If you find yourself needing to import content from a WordPress export file, such as demo content for a new WordPress theme, WordPress Importer is the way to go. Use Stylesheets — Create your own font controls and rules and automatically pull in stylesheets, all without any coding or editing of the main stylesheet. So when your theme updates, you don’t lose your custom work.

If you need to create a GIF file, a great free tool is ScreenToGif. To find prospects for internal linking, see this resource page. Use the right link ratio – For external links, we shoot for a ratio of 1-3 links per 1,000 words.

I’ve been using this calendar for a while and love the simplicity. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and isn’t bogged down by other non related functions. It could benefit from a little work on the UI, i.e., color coding post status . It currently uses a subtle coloring of those statuses, but I’d love to see something more obvious. Given that that’s a personal preference and this calendar does everything else I need, I’m giving it a solid five stars.

Previously it would only scroll up and not down . The calendar is now translated into Hebrew including right to left language support. The calendar now has a new major feature, the “drafts drawer,” a post staging area where we make all unscheduled posts available to drag onto the calendar. You can also now drag posts from the calendar back into the drafts drawer to “un-schedule” them. The calendar can now display up to eight weeks at a time instead of just five.

Woocommerce, as an open-source e-commerce platform, has helped many entrepreneurs set up their online stores. In many cases, it will be appropriate to include images of WordPress plugins and themes. This is especially true for articles that include roundups and lists of the best plugins/themes for X variety. Your content marketing strategy is the key to consistently publishing valuable content for your site visitors.

They can contact us on the e-mail mentioned above for any queries or asking any doubt. The readability score of the content should be high. We accept a well-researched article backed with facts and figures. Depending on the context, the h2, h3, and h4 tags should be used to indicate the article headings and subheadings. Wholesale For Everyone offers a large product portfolio emphasizing quality and affordability.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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FYI, USP’s translation files are located in the /languages/ directory. They have been tested and work with the USP login/register/password form. Simply use our form and pitch us your topic ideas. One of our editorial team will respond as soon as they can.

The calendar has now been translated into Turkish and updated for WordPress version 4.2. Added a new video and did complete testing to make sure the calendar is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. We now have an option so you can choose if you want to scroll the calendar with the mouse wheel or not. We are now making sure to set the correct right to left and left to right orientation in every language file. This version fixes a CSS layout issue so the calendar works with WordPress 5.6.

Click the new ‘Calendar’ option under the ‘Posts’ menu or any other custom post types. Drag and drop posts to easily change dates and take control of your blog. Enable visitors to submit posts from the front end of your site. If you want to get featured on ThemeGrill blog, please read and follow the following guidelines thoroughly.

That’s where Insert Headers and Footers comes in. NewShareCount API — Supports share counts for a ton of social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It’s no mystery that some of the best WordPress affiliate plugins are Easy Affiliate, Thirsty Affiliates, and of course Pretty Links. These are tools to use as an alternative to link shorteners like tinyurl.com or bit.ly.

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