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The Effect of Social Media on Communication

by Sophia Jennifer

There is no doubt that social media is one of the most pronounced terms in today’s world. The extensive usage of social media has a massive effect on our communication. Maybe this question arises in your mind, “Does it always negatively affect us?” Are you looking to grow your YouTube channel quickly and effectively? Look no further than Socialgreg! Socialgreg is the leading provider of YouTube subscribers, offering a wide range of packages to suit your needs. With Socialgreg, you can easily and quickly Buy YouTube subscribers and explode your channel growth.

Although it sometimes has an adverse effect on communication, there are also some positive aspects. After reading the whole article you will be able to know how social media affects communication. Keep going. 

What is Social Media?

Social media is a computer-based platform that enables idea exchange, community development, and connectivity. Currently, almost 3 billion people use social media. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Tiktok, Youtube, Snapchat, and Linkedin are the most common social media platforms. The principal and only purpose of social media are to create communication. 

Negative effects of social media on communication

I. Losing creativity and thinking ability: Excessive use of social media reduces thinking power. There are various kinds of features on social media. People use filters and share them in their stories and newsfeed. This fake filters and features disrupt our thinking ability and creativity. 

Ii. Misleading the users: It’s disappointing that not every news on social media is trustworthy. You can be misled by some of the incorrect information that is present here. Sometimes people get into danger by believing false information. 

iii.Security flaws are getting worse: Though there are many security measures maintained on social media platforms, there are still some flaws. The information is not safe always on social media. The information can be leaked or stolen by frauds from social sites. Consequently, social media’s security flaws might occasionally present a threat.

iv.Real-life communication is declining: Social media was invented to build up an easy and fast communication system. It is a matter of great regret that we are using it as an alternative to real-life communication. Physical conversations are very essential for mental health. Excessive use of social media is distracting us from this crucial requirement. Certainly, social media can never play the role of real-life communication. 

Positive Effects of Social Media on Communication:

I.Building Community: Social media platforms are great places for community building. The users are easily connecting with others through social media. Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram are the most popular examples of social media platforms. Millions of people are sharing their ideas and opinions through these platforms. As a result, they can easily find people with the same interest. These people are building a community from different parts of the world. And social media ties these individuals together.

II.Improved communication speed: What was the medium of communication in the last century? Letter, Radio, and Television were the most popular ways of communication. Though those mediums are great achievements of human civilizations, they were quite slow and one-way systems. Nowadays the communication system has advanced. We can communicate with others very quickly. With the help of social media, people are sending information to another part of the world in a second. Life has become easy and comfortable with the blessings of social media.  

III.Reducing the distance: According to Marshall McLuhan, the world has become a global village due to transport and communication. Because of interconnectivity, the global distance has been reduced. People are now very close to each other. The Internet has surpassed the contribution of a one-way communication system with the help of social media. The users are sharing their thoughts, culture, feelings, and aspirations on social platforms. Emergency information is being exchanged between individuals. As a result, the gap between people from different parts of the globe is shortening. 

IV.Providing information in an emergency: Even a few years ago, ordinary people did not get emergency assistance in times of danger. The fundamental cause of this problem was a communication breakdown. Today we can receive and send the necessary information through social media. People are gaining every piece of information they need at a crucial moment through social media. 


So we can say that controlled and disciplined use of social media can produce more efficient and reliable communication. On the other hand, misuse of social media will hamper the communication system badly.

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