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by deepika

Read the article to know the details. Write in the third person (singular or plural – he, she, it, they), not the first person . Remember you are speaking through the network, not personally, and not to a particular group (members, sponsors, etc.). Article should have a main title, and include subtitles that break up the body of the content. Numbered lists and bullet points are encouraged.

Each article idea and finished article submission is considered on its own merits. If you are looking for the best Real estate platforms to grow your outreach marketing, Link Publishers is the right place for you. If an image is not unique, then kindly attach the image sourcelink or Image Credit. Every content should carrya minimum of one unique image .

The more lengthy content you provide, the more chances it gets to be accepted as paid content. Before requesting to be a contributor, you must have to provide at least eightquality contentto us. You’ll be able to get free traffic for your blog, website, or social media pages. All articles are subject to editing, and submission does not guarantee publication. Article must be original content that has not been previously published anywhere on the internet or in any print publication.

Make the right move soon, and you can surely do some premium quality promotions to take your digital authorship to the next level. Links must contain proper Anchor text in a guest post, but only those links that will bring forth value to the readers. Only those links can be added that makes sense to be included . We will only allow those articles that are written in the English Languagefor guest posts. You must submit all the information with the article. Including, all links, images, text links, etc. that you want published with your post.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

We provide opportunities for writers to show up their talent. Many skilled writers do not get a legitimate platform to publish their articles. So, opensquare gives a golden chance to all the writers familiar with real estate to publish their content on Opensquares.org. This is a perfect space for all the writers to boost their content through a widely recognized platform. We have a highly competent and knowledgeable editorial team that’ll check if your work passes the standards of our company. Upon getting the approval of our editor-in-chief, we’ll publish your article on Go Blue Sun and share it across our social media platforms.

We reserve the right to accept or reject internal links in guest post. When necessary, our team has the right to edit the article according to the style. This also includes correcting misspelled words and minor grammatical errors. Do note that this does not involve major revisions, as it is expected that the articles submitted are complete and ready for publication.

We will check all the crucial information about the topic and the necessary details. If we find your content legit, then it will be approved. After approval, our team will contact you.

We offer various advertising options throughout our blog and newsletter you can check out. Articles will need to pass the Grammarly or Prepostseo plagiarism checkers. We would take a decision on publishing your content within three days from the date of submission. The content should be unique and must not have been published anywhere else. Propaura lets you buy, sell, or rent residential and commercial properties anywhere in India.

Published articles can also be similarly removed. There are chances your article will get rejected in case we find any unnatural link within the post. Alternatively, we reserve the right to remove the link from the article.

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