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Write For Us Fashion, Beauty and Health Submit Guest Post Blog

by deepika

By submitting to Beauty Everywhere you acknowledge that you legally own the rights to all content submitted, are in compliance with the law and not violating the rights of any third party. You acknowledge that all information you provide is true, accurate and up to date. You acknowledge and agree to allow any edits deemed appropriate or necessary by the Beauty Everywhere editorial team. This includes permitting the creation of derivative works, re-editing, adapting, or modifying. You agree that you shall be held solely responsible for your own submissions and the consequences of publishing or posting them.

We offer study opportunities that cover the full spectrum of fashion careers. Our programs take students beyond fashion design and textiles into all aspects of the industry – marketing, visual merchandising, journalism, communications, styling, product development. Qualified, experienced and connected, our graduates are well prepared to carve out their own place in the fashion industry. You are free to add 1 link of your blog or website in the article but it should be placed organically. The article must be 100% original, unique, and compelling. Also, it should not be published anywhere across the internet.

For beauty tip videos or presentations, give me the codes and I will embed them in any guest post you want. I need a post cover photo for lifestyle and travel posts that makes sense for the topic of the post. Usually some comments are received for trips + “write us”. Then take a different and unique photo with good Quality. You can, however, publish a link on your website that directs readers to your article on our site.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Gratitude and seeing the beauty in everything is our focus. The beauty categories you can choose to write for us to submit a paid guest post are skin treatments, plastic surgery, natural beauty, make ups, and more. Only original, clear, relevant, and well-written content will be considered. If you have published this article elsewhere, please submit it here. We check Copyscape and Google before publishing it.

Lastly, send us your article as a Google doc or Word doc. You can reach a whole new audience while increasing your skills and heightening your writing portfolio. Your article needs to be grammatically correct, without any types. That means if it was written by someone from India, or whose native language isn’t English, then it won’t work. Here at Celebricious, we like to think that our readers are our best friends.

1 link for 300 words is ideal, a maximum of 2-3 links in total, including the author link. Articles should be easy to read and divided into sections with subtitles. All images must be original, licensed, or in the public domain.

Provide before and after HD images to gain the trust of the audience. If you can offer us a splendid write-up transforming your passion for beauty into it, we would love to make you one of our TBG team. We are pleased that you will re-link your contribution in your future articles. Inkbeau Is A Brand Focused On Beauty & Wellness – An Online Guide To A Woman’s Total Image. Fresh and informative Content Specifically Designed By Experienced Bloggers And Industry Experts with just a touch, Inkbeau is the online destination for all beauty things, both inside and out.

We cover loads of niches including home, travel, fashion, lifestyle, finance and more, so if you’d like to write for us, we would love to see your article. You can include videos or images to supplement the text ; please submit video links or .mp4s, and all images as .jpeg or .png. Please include hyperlinks to other sources that might be useful for readers, including, but not limited to, other Lillee Jean, or Lillee Jean Beauty articles. It is simple to guest blogging with us, but please read about our topics to understand what we publish.

If you think you have what it takes, then we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for passionate and inspirational contributions from guest writers who know a thing or two about beauty, fashion, cosmetics, makeup, skincare, bodycare, and all things related fields. If you’re excited to share your experiences, tips, or insights, then we want to hear from you. TBG offers you all the hacks and advice related to beauty and health.

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