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Write for Us! How to Sell Art Online Online Marketing for Artists

by deepika

Discover us in CAN-facebook page, CAN-Insta handle and the recently created whatsapp group. Do not acceptcontent that has been previously published on another site. Art – Posts that discuss about art and it’s interconnections with nature. Climate Change– Covers topics relating to water pollution, green house gas, climate change news, oceanic news and discoveries. Please also provide a short bio around 120 characters with a headshot, and optionally a link to your website. Please make sure that your blog isn’t a promotional piece.

1.3 Back up your articles with evidence and fact-check where possible. If you’re claiming a fact, provide credible references. We reserve the right to refuse any article that deliberately attempts to misinform or distort facts. Culture at large, or art, or writing, all are material manifestations of the workings of the inner life and of the spirit of the times . A pitch or submission should, on some level, address deeper questions within ourselves and our society.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Character illustrations not only define the appearance of a character, but its disposition and nature too. While creating a character illustration, the artist must focus on the character’s personality. For example, if the character is an animal, the illustration must convey the concept well. The main purpose of a character illustration is to explain the character’s personality. Character illustration is a detailed painting of any character.

We are proud to be an international publication that incorporates a global viewpoint and attracts readers from all over the world. That said, the bulk of our readership comes from the United States and many of our stories are U.S.-based. We are are looking for articles on any art related topic. At the end, include 2-3 sentences about yourself, including a link to your website or the best way for readers to find out more about your work.

Please consider how you might source these images, and specify this when pitching. We have exceptionally long lead times so time-sensitive stories (the debut of new technology, back-to-school guides or holiday-related articles) must to be pitched six months in advance. Present, for example, online learning options, outlets for selling your illustration and photography online, web designers to watch or brands getting social media right.

Trends and challenges facing the arts sector e.g. diversity, governance, sustainability and funding. All requests to write for us will definitely receive a response within 3 business days. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission. Never share your information without your express permission. Please share a little about yourself and/or your team.

As a way of continuing to expand our personal libraries, we publish occasional collections of 5-7 books grouped by theme. We’re interested in featuring general market books–memoirs, graphic narrative works, essay collections, short stories, novels, poetry collections… we want to read it all. Because we explore the meaning we find in artistic and everyday objects, we’re open to writing that incorporates spiritual elements. We welcome writers from all backgrounds to share their work with us. We also publish posts from Guest/Community Bloggers as a way to help promote events, projects, CDs, films, Kickstarter/crowdfunding campaigns, or other ventures, via editorial content. If you start out as a Guest/Community Blogger and continue to submit posts, you can develop into a Contributing Blogger, subject to our Editors’ discretion.

Your article must be original, on topic and constructive. 1.1 You warrant that the material you submit is not obscene, offensive or otherwise illegal. TheCollector accepts no liability in respect of any material submitted by authors and published by us. 1.0 You declare to have the required educational background and credibility to author such topic.

If you don’t hear anything from us, it probably means the pitch was just not the right fit. Is submitted with all necessary information that you want in the final version—links, link text, etc. Promotional articles that are explicitly written to market or sell a product, tool, service or app. The principles of non-selectivity, objectivity and impartiality should be respected. Established in August 2019, in such a short time we have been able to attract a large international readership. Thanks in part to over two hundred vetted junior and senior academics, we now have over 1 million page views per month.

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