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by deepika

Please keep in mind that the material should be submitted as a Google Doc via email. Our blog welcomes contributions from anybody as long as they are relevant to Lifestyle. Being selected for My Four and More has a lot of advantages. This site is extremely popular, especially among moms, and it receives thousands of unique visits every day. Please email us at if you’d like to become a My Four and More guest blogger. Articles need to be over 1300 words and include 5+ photos .

Writing for My Four and More is the greatest approach to getting your knowledge to more individuals. On My Four and More, you’ll get the latest parenting, house renovations, home design, cleaning suggestions, travel ideas, and health news. Please limit guest posts to topics relating to parenting or motherhood.

Before you send us a draft of your post idea, you must understand that we do not offer our guest authors any remuneration. Guest posting on our blog is free and you should expect no monetary payback. What you do get is a reader base that is eager to know what you have to say. So, if you want to increase traffic and boost your blog’s publicity, you will get the best from your posts on our blog. Read the instructions and requirements mentioned below carefully before submitting a guest post pitch or an article writing sample. Well, sending up the guest posting pitch serves as a great time-saver tool for both of us.

Moreover, we also try to fulfil all the needs of SEO friendly content to reach out to a maximum of readers out there. We are extremely thankful for showing up your interest in our blog. We appreciate your efforts and urge you to create some high-quality content so that it would appear to be interesting for the users. We can together create a platform for our readers where they can explore a huge information hub from various topics of a niche. We are looking for experienced and as well as newbie writers who contribute their expertise regarding health and lifestyle-related topics. Our goal is to let our readers be more informed about these topics which can help them in their daily lives.

While we don’t publish every article that comes our way, we do welcome contributions in almost all topics in the categories listed above. Look through our archives first to see if any of the topics interest you before you begin your writing. We aim to serve our readers with top-notch, informative content that they find useful. That’s why, guest posts that are accurate, trendy, and in line with our blog categories will be only be accepted.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Writing one of the best articles, topics, and content that is in the style of the site’s theme will be accepted. Please include an author bio and social media profiles as well. If yes, you have just come down to the right place to get all the information. At the same time, there are many more things to note when it comes to one’s Lifestyle. Additional guest posting opportunities on Home Remodel Tips and Tressf.com are also available. The maximum length for a guest post is 1900 words with a minimum of 600 words.

Finally, all links in the post should be relevant and quality websites. You can gain valuable experience, get product samples and your “author” status can be used to attend events related to luxury or high end fashion. Please do not contact us unless you are willing to post non commercial articles on a weekly basis.

But in fact, you have to work on it regularly to get traffic towards your blog regularly and this is where your guest post can work terrifically for you. Before going further, we would like to make something clear to you. As we have described to you earlier that it is a guest blog, you are not supposed to get paid for the same. We appreciate and accept content from the writers of the same niche except for our competitors. Is a very dedicated and professional content publishing portal.

That’s the very reason we lay special stress on how lucid and reader-friendly the guest posts are. We do not want posts from guest authors to stray far from our approach. Remember that you have to cater to all our readers and not just a section of it. So, make sure to follow up on the multiple links rather than being depending on the single resource only.

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