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Write For Us On Fitness And Health Topics

by deepika

Every month, we produce hundreds of engaging stories for parents and kids in India, US, UK, Australia, Canada. We are looking for writers who are comfortable writing reviews of different products that might appeal to our readers, all of which covers Health and Fitness. FitnezBuzz is one of the leading Health & Fitness resource blogs which covers latest topics on Health Care, Food, Diet, Lifestyle, Wellness and much more. We gives you the opportunity to provide guest posts on our website. It is the fastest-growing blog that covers the quality information which will help our readers.

Read our blog and use your own intuition as to what kind of topics are interesting to us. Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Mobility, Flexibility, Nutrition, CrossFit, Boxing, etc. For the credit of the post, writers can send us a 2-3 line biography upto two links to their blog’s social media accounts and one linkback for the blog.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

When you post an article on our blog with your backlink, we give you exposure to an audience base that we have painstakingly built over the years. However, this doesn’t involve monetary transactions of any type and guest authors are expected to understand the same. What makes us the perfect platform for guest posting is the blog itself. We have meticulously created a platform for knowledge sharing to help our readers understand health tips and problems, diseases, illnesses, wellness, home remedies, and more. We curate informative, accurate, and original content for the best benefit of our readers. So, when you publish your post on our blog, you can expect to reach out to our wide audience base that values useful information.

Articles need to be well-written and subjects should be related to our websites niche. If you are interested to contribute to other categories, you can follow mentioned links for your reference. You should prepare content layout and format by respecting these factors. It can make your content engaging and highly useful information properly to grab the reader’s attention. Writing content by using lengthy paragraphs will reduce the engagement rate and lift the reader’s interest.

After the submission of the article, you may not publish it to any other resources, including paper or electronic means. Womenfitnessmag.com needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. We have the right to publish or refuse any article. Include your full name, a picture, your chosen sport or discipline and any achievements. Please note that we do not accept anonymous content.

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