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Write for Us: Read through our 10 Guest Post Guidelines to Get Started

by deepika

We are glad you are here at our “write for us” page and show an interest in writing for The Business Goals. We welcome all marketing professionals and business writers for writing on entrepreneurship topics. Are you a business that would like to share business news or expert ideas and tips around effective modern business practices? We provide visitors with the opportunity to write a guest essay. A guest article can be submitted on a variety of financial, business, or insurance-related topics. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in writing for us!

To write for us, you must be an Industry expert, an individual writer, a startup, or a freelancer. We are looking for content from bloggers, startup founders, and creators who have a deep knowledge of marketing or business instead of a piece of general knowledge. Content Studio is the fastest way to get your insights published in GrindSuccess Magazine. Skip the editorial process by having our team write high-quality articles for you.

Submit your best headline idea AND outline for your proposed guest post, in the body of your email. If interested, we’ll probably ask for some tweaks before giving you an assignment. You are not supposed to add any image on your content before submission, because due to copyright issues, we don’t allow it and if it’s required, we will add from our side end. Your content shouldn’t contain any fake information or data. It’s very important to cite, credit, and quote the source of all information in the article.

If you’re selected as a guest writer we’ll be in touch via email to provide you with more details and the next steps! At this point, we’d request that you prepare an outline of the content before getting started with the writing. Women On Business is currently accepting reader content submissions. It’s a great way to get your name in front of a community of women and men working in the field of business. You can submit an original article for possible publication on WomenOnBusiness.com by completing the Content Submission Form.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Additional questions about submitting articles should be sent to Contribute articles for the SeeResponse community and enhance your reputation as a sales and marketing thought leader. Have great insights and well-crafted content you think would resonate with our audience? It is your responsibility to put your eyes on the activity that occurs on or through your account as you are suggested to keep your password secure. You should notify the management immediately of any breach of security or illegal utilization of your content or write-ups.

We reserve the right to remove any article from our site without explanation if it does not resonate with our readers. We will not publish any advertorial, sales copy and articles containing excessive links as editorial, but you are allowed a biography, profile and link next to the article. It is important because it can increase the number of followers you have and it can increase the number of shares you get on social media. The lifestyle-related posts give you the opportunity to be more creative, since you have the chance to write about a wider range of topics, such as health and wellness, beauty, and travel. The technology-related articles should be concise, well-written, and highly related to technology.

By conducting research and interviewing industry experts, she creates articles and product reviews that aid entrepreneurs and small business owners in making informed business decisions. Ideally, your article would create a narrative based on personal business experience that will provide helpful information for entrepreneurs and business owners that they can apply to their own business. They should include personal knowledge but the focus should be on offering educational content for the reader. For example, you could write about a business challenge that you faced and how you overcame it, and then give advice to the readers on how they can do the same. Developer Gang is also the ultimate blogging site for business owners.

Prior to that, he was the managing editor of ABC News Digital, where he ran Comscore’s No. 1 trafficked news website and was recognized with a Peabody Award and Edward R. Murrow Award. Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Emory University and master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Please note that all articles are manually verified by our Editors before publication. If you wish to sponsor your business-related articles, you can contact with the title SPONSORED POST for a prompt response. At TTE, we strive to provide just the best information within our niche therefore strict with the kind of content we put out. The Total Entrepreneurs’ business blog will not only help you reach the right audience but also give you exposure.

Bring them on and send them all the guidelines as mentioned below. The entrepreneurship guest posts talk about, well, entrepreneurship. You will write articles that share information about starting an individual business from scratch.

But before connecting or posting on our website, let’s understand the guidelines which are important. If you work according to our guidelines, you will not face any hurdles while posting content on milliondeets.com. You can easily search for us via Write For Us + Guest Post. If you add any links to your article, make sure that the links are connected to the correct anchor texts. You must also ensure that the links used add value to your article, while also helping the reader at the same time.

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