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Write for Us Submit Guest Post Home Improvement, Furniture Etc

by deepika

When you are approaching for posting in their websites you are not only requesting to publish a guest post but also you are building a relationship with the blogger and the readers. Whether old or new in the industry, it is very important that you build and maintain a good online relationship with the website owners and the bloggers. That way you can make a good online community of common interest.

What you present is equally important to how you present. Specially when you are focusing a particular area of guest blogging like home improvement guest posting, you need to be more careful. Do a research and know the already published topics in the website you approach for guest blogging and try to avoid similar topics with that. Because that may take your blog top rejection as nobody likes to read repeated content. Whether a paid or a free home improvement guest posting site, it will always give preference to blogs with new home improvement ideas, trending techniques and unique content.


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So when you present the ideas try to create your own words and focus on the most original ideas. By writing guest posts and blogs for us on home improvement, you get the credibility and brand visibility on the Internet as much as possible. Google is one of the best options to search not only about guest posting but literally anything! But Google is an ocean and your general search on guest posting may not lead you to the proper site.

Maramani is one of the best platforms that offer professional house plans in Africa. Our website is visited by homeowners from different African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Maramani.com is a website that specializes in offering ready-made home plans specifically designed for Africa. We have a blog section that is constantly updated with useful content for homeowners and intending homeowners. We are always looking for new, fresh perspectives on all things related to home improvement. Whether it’s tips and tricks for tackling a DIY project, or insights into the latest trends in home design, we’re interested in what you have to say.

We allow Outbound links to a Website that applies to the topic and is helpful to the reader. Format eases the reader is going through and becomes eye-catcher hence your article should be in well-maintained format i.e. proper use of bullets, headings, paragraphs, etc. By submitting a guest post to our consideration, you are confirming that you agree to these terms. Are you interested to write for us on the home improvement and related niches? Email us at As we receive dozens of submission requests every day, it may take 1-3 days to get back to you.

You may tell your own story, assist others, improve lives, and reach a large audience by writing for ThehomeImproving. When it comes to the posts that we publish, we are picky. Your writing ought to be clear and concise, as well as intriguing, original, and instructive. The best link building services, you can gain a significant advantage in your home improvement business. Do remember that, content should be atleast 850 words.

The quantity and quality of links determine your rankings and provide you with more natural backlinks that represent the high quality of your brand. All formats are accepted for home decor guest post submissions. This includes Google Documents, MS Word, Powerpoint, etc. Hence, we are compelled to follow some guidelines in accepting your guest post articles. Our guest post guidelines are short and precise but we strictly advise you to adhere so.

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