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Writers Guidelines American Horticultural Society

by deepika

As you will be recommending various products to your readers. Much like a review post, this format will serve as a reference guide for gardeners to buy their gear. The products that you will be presenting will vary from garden tools to soil and seeds. Don’t be afraid to explore the different gears that gardeners use. Be cautious when giving your instructions because it’s the only thing that they follow.

So sorry about the delay, have you tried collecting any coffee grounds? Make a difference in the lives of people from all over the world, whether it is sharing your insights, observations, good humour, or just by posting photos of watching the grass grow. The article has got to meet high-quality standards – it’s to possess related images and screenshots, internal and outgoing links, etc. Once you’re ready to start, email us with some topics or get in touch with us editor at and we’ll start. Recommend only products that are of high quality. This type of article should be well researched.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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The more interesting the topic the better, try to capture the interest of the readers. Pretty Purple Door is a place where homeowners learn how to create landscapes that are uniquely you. We write informational articles, produce informative videos and sell a suite of products and courses for landscape design enthusiasts. We are eager to build this website into the ultimate online space for anyone interested in learning more about gardening and design. Thegardengranny.com – Hi, we are currently open for article submission under gardening & home improvements. To whom who is looking to write for us you can now be our guest poster.

Share your knowledge about gardening with our readers now. Join our family as a guest writer to share your love and expertise with the rest of our readers. It’s a great way to establish your own expertise, in addition to giving our followers great content to stay engaged. Besides, becoming our contributor can benefit you in many ways.

Also write a short bio of yourself and a link to your website if you have one. Pictures are allowed, but keep it high-quality and original. Contact us and let us know you’re interested in writing for us! Include what your proposed article title is, some bullet points of what you’ll write about, and a brief article excerpt.

After such posting of the content, the blog site owns the legal right to the article. Credits will be given to the author or writer of the article. Articles must be at least 800 words, but we accept shorter articles with interesting topics. Your topic can be anything related to gardening that you think can help our readers cultivate their greatest garden. We only publish quality content that provides useful information to our readers. Therefore, before submitting your article to us, make sure that it adheres to this very requirement.

You will need to provide us with 2 images pertaining to your article. All articles are reviewed and read by a real person before they are published. “How to” articles are what we are looking for.They have to be unique and not published elsewhere. The Garden Granny is a free a website which share everything in gardening ideas & home improvement.

If you have a home remodelling article that you would like to be read by million users a month. Wanna be our guest poster under exterior design & decoration. Whenever you would like to improve your home and you have the idea to do that. You can send your guest post to our home improvement category. Here, we will give you instructions to send your post submission. Please keep in mind, we do not accept every article that you submit to us.

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